Canadian Province

Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Its landscape of lakes and rivers, mountains, forests and prairies stretch from northern Arctic tundra to Hudson Bay in the east and southern farmland. Much wilderness is protected in more than 80 provincial parks, where hiking, biking, canoeing, camping and fishing are all popular. ― Google

Area: 647,797 km²

Population: 1.369 million (2019)

Capital: Winnipeg

Time Zone: (GMT-5) CST

Hiking –

Manitoba Trails

In Manitoba, Canada, there are several long-distance hiking trails that offer stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Here are some of the notable long-distance hiking trails in Manitoba:

1. Mantario Trail: Located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, the Mantario Trail is one of Manitoba’s most famous and challenging trails. Stretching approximately 63 kilometers (39 miles), it winds through rugged terrain, including forests, lakes, and Canadian Shield landscapes.

2. Whiteshell River Trail: This 50-kilometer (31-mile) trail runs through Whiteshell Provincial Park and follows the scenic Whiteshell River. It offers a mix of terrain, including boreal forests, rock formations, and waterfalls.

3. Pinawa Trail: Located near the town of Pinawa, the Pinawa Trail is a 36-kilometer (22-mile) loop trail that meanders through the Pinawa Canadian Shield. It showcases diverse landscapes, including forests, granite ridges, and the shores of the Winnipeg River.

4. Border to Beaches Trail: Spanning over 250 kilometers (155 miles), the Border to Beaches Trail runs from the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border to Lake Winnipeg. This trail offers varied landscapes, including prairies, forests, rivers, and wetlands.

5. Trans Canada Trail (Manitoba section): The Trans Canada Trail is a nationwide trail network, and its Manitoba section offers scenic hiking opportunities. It covers a vast distance across the province, showcasing diverse landscapes and connecting communities.

6. Bison Butte Trail: Located in Winnipeg, the Bison Butte Trail is a 3-kilometer (1.9-mile) loop trail within FortWhyte Alive. It provides hikers with the chance to explore prairies, forests, and scenic viewpoints.

These are just a few examples of the long-distance hiking trails available in Manitoba. It’s always advisable to gather detailed information, including maps, trail conditions, and safety precautions before embarking on any hiking adventure.